You’re one step away from having everything you need to plan and execute your benefit and maximize your fundraising results.
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I’m Emily Quinn.


Since 2008 I’ve worked with schools and nonprofits to plan and produce effective fundraising events that are fun, memorable and raise money for causes that matter.

A few questions for you:​
  • Is this your first time planning a large-scale benefit or fundraising event and you have no idea where to begin?

  • Do you have a beloved volunteer/amateur auctioneer who does your event, but you feel he could use a little support and that you could probably do a little more preparation to make them shine?

  • Have you and your team planned your event several years in a row but you always feel like you’re reinventing the wheel?

  • Are you interested in a simple to follow blueprint for planning and executing your benefit and want to know that the blueprint has proven results?

  • Are you ready to stop scouring the internet, Pinterest, fundraising and event blogs and more to try to get an idea of what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and how to make it happen.

If you are, then I’m excited to announce A NEW COURSE THAT WAS YEARS IN THE MAKING.

Results vary from organization to organization.

How I Learned to Produce Six-Figure Benefits

When I first started out, I had no idea how to create a benefit. My first auction was produced pretty much on my own and we barely raised more than it cost to produce the event.

Over the years I started to move away from planning events myself and towards consulting on the fundraising aspects of benefits and honed my craft as a Benefit Auctioneer. I love what I do and I’m proud to support the great work of so many schools and nonprofits.

But as my business grew, my available time became more limited and I wasn’t able to have the 1-on-1 conversations with all of my clients. More and more I was hearing things like, “I wish I could record you!” or, “if we knew this last year we would have been so less stressed!”

I also started to find that, as demand for my time increased, more and more smaller organizations were contacting me. I was saying yes to everything and burning myself out and I hated saying no because of budget restraints, and because I knew that, without the consultation knowledge I can provide, these small organizations would never be able to grow their event. There had to be a solution.

That’s when I realized I could record myself, offer my skills to create less stress and offer smaller organizations something that would fit their budget. Slowly but surely I began documenting everything I consult on. I created templates, notes, emails, concepts and theories that I shared with my bigger consulting clients and started tracking and storing it all.

One thing I never did, however, was sell out. Instead of chasing after the quick bucks and burning myself out, I stayed true to my craft and kept my eye on a bigger goal: I could impact more organizations and therefore support more impact on programs and individuals if I could share my knowledge more widely than 1-on-1 contact would allow.

That meant playing a completely different game than most other Benefit Auctioneers. A game that takes the auctioneer out of the game.

Because it’s not about me - it’s about your programs and your people.

Results vary from organization to organization.

Build Your Best Benefit

Over the years I learned how to identify the sticking points for my nonprofit and school clients as they were planning their benefits and then come up with a way to break down the process to help them keep moving.


I learned how to refine my ideas and package them in a way that was manageable and deliverable, in a step-by-step format.


I learned how to help my clients imagine an event that would wow their guests and create a benefit that raises lots of money, in addition to creating community and connection.

I've poured all of this knowledge into my flagship Build Your Best Benefit course.

Again and again and again, my clients have used the very same knowledge and materials contained in the course to create amazing, memorable and successful events.




Build Your Best Benefit is a step-by-step program, organized into a series of Lessons, each one with related Activities.


It’s packed with over 50 videos of me outlining the exact concepts I discuss with my 1-on-1 clients.

In addition to videos, the course provides templates and downloads of my proprietary organizational tools and content - free for you to copy and use, now and forever - because when you become a student of Build Your Best Benefit you’re a student for life.



I will guide you through setting up your Google Drive Folder for your event, downloading the templates, copying them to your folder and help you stay organized. I will walk you through how to use every resource I deliver. Plus I will help you create systems for the future, so each year you will be building on past year’s successes instead of reinventing the wheel every time (**Hint - I call this “Template Brain” and I’ll teach you how to use it to make each year’s fundraiser easier and easier to produce**)



You will receive the Lessons one by one and each one will guide you through your next steps. You’ll hear me talk about best practices and give you suggestions for what you need to consider at each step of the way.

And if at any point you get stuck, have questions or just want some opinions, you’ll have the support of your entire course community, plus me, to help you get unstuck. Post your questions to the group, get feedback and if needed, I will provide webinars or additional videos and resources to get you un-stuck.

You'll Know What To Do

When you become a student, you’ll be side by side with other volunteers, development directors, development associates, parents and other individuals who are going through the exact same process as you. Your course community are your allies - because I believe that when nonprofits pool energy and resources everyone wins...especially the communities you serve.


And as the course and the course community grows, you’ll continue to benefit, because you will have lifetime access. When new resources, lessons, activities or webinars become available, you will be notified.


When you and your event committee go through the course, you’re going to have everything you need to plan and produce a fundraising event.


You’ll know what to do and when to do it.


You’ll know that you’re creating an event that will speak to your community.


You will learn how to create event branding and use language to attract your guests and you’ll carry this knowledge into your event, so that your guests are led to their wallets not by a sense of duty, but led by their hearts.

Your organization will find not only fundraising success, but you will create a sense of love and connection to your mission, to the others in the room and the community you serve.

You know at this point that your event needs professional support.

And if you’re a small organization, or a small school or if this is your first time planning your event, you can’t afford to invest top-dollar for full event consultation and professional auctioneering. Or maybe you want a more “home-y” feel to your benefit and you don’t feel ready to have a professional make the ask and lead the fundraising.


You know what?


That’s totally ok.


Because everyone starts somewhere.


Just because you can’t afford the top-dollar package doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get something.


Or if you want to go the do-it-yourself route for auctioneering and creating a live-ask, you should still get support.


In FACT - it’s just the opposite. Your event and your organization need all the support possible to help you grow.


I know you're a nonprofit and that your budget is tight. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this you’d find me on vacation right now. But here is a question I would like you to consider:


How much do you pay your development director, development associate, special events manager or any/all staff who will work on your event?
Are You Ready?

Your 2-person team will get lifetime access to BYBB for a one time payment of $995 or 3 monthly payments of $365.


You can add users for just $215/user


When you enroll, you get - 

  • Access to all Course Lessons

  • All downloadable Templates and Resources to copy and use freely for your event

  • Access to the Course Community

  • LIFETIME access for any changes, updates or improvements

BYBB comes with a bonus mini-course called Benefit Auctioneering 101: A Crash Course. This will train your volunteer or amateur auctioneer to take the stage with poise and confidence. This mini-course is a stand-alone course offered at $200 but is included in this intro offer.

But really, when you get BYBB, you will know you’re using tried and true strategies to produce a fundraising event, gala or benefit.
I created this course to help people like you continue to love producing events for the causes you are passionate about and to help keep you avoid burnout.
Who would you rather learn from?

A seasoned benefit auctioneer with 10+ years of success consulting on fundraisers that raise $40,000-$1,200,000.


The internet?

An inexperienced auctioneer?


What types of planning and organizational materials do you want?

A suite of downloadable coordinated templates and resources that have been successfully used over and over again by nonprofit organizations just like yours.


Ones you’ve found on the internet?

Something you made at your last job that you hope will work this time?

What the volunteers used last year (and who knows if it’s good or not)?

Do you want support?

We’ve built a private community inside the course so you always have the support, motivation and accountability you need to succeed.


It’s just you and your team, hoping you’re doing it right.

How much is it worth to you?

Our students pay a premium for our material because it works and delivers results.


How much is it costing you (in personnel time and energy, volunteer time and energy, etc) NOT to get help?

Who should take the course?
Will the course be more work?
How is it structured?
How can I get the most out of the course?
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